Types of cooperativism

As key instances in economic growth and social development, Savings and Loan Cooperatives, being organizations based on principles and values, are in turn sustainable and participatory companies, formed by natural persons who, voluntarily, unite to meet your needs in terms of the promotion of savings and the use of cooperative credit.


2The General Law of Cooperative Societies, with the latest reform published in DOF 19-01-2018, recognizes 3 types of cooperatives.


Of the different classes and categories of cooperative societies.


I.- Consumers of goods and / or services, and

II.- Of producers of goods and / or services, and

III.- Savings and loan.


Article 22.- They are cooperative societies of consumers, those whose members associate with the purpose of obtaining in common articles, goods and / or services for them, their homes or their production activities.


Article 27.- They are cooperative societies of producers, those whose members are associated to work together in the production of goods and / or services, contributing their personal, physical or intellectual work. Regardless of the type of production to which they are dedicated, these companies may store, conserve, transport and market their products, acting in the terms of this Law.


Article 33.- Cooperative Societies whose purpose is to carry out savings and loan activities shall be governed by this Law, as well as by the provisions of the Law to Regulate the Activities of Cooperative Savings and Loan Societies.


Saving will be understood as the acquisition of resources through money-saving deposits of its Members; and as a loan, the placement and delivery of the resources collected among their partners.


Article 34.- The management, administration and internal surveillance of Cooperative Societies, in general, will be in charge of the following bodies:


I.- The general assembly;

II.- The board of directors;

III. The Supervisory Board;

IV. The commissions and committees established by this Law and the others designated by the General Assembly, and

V. In the case of Cooperative Savings and Loan Societies, in addition to the aforementioned bodies, in sections I to IV above, they must have at least:


a) Credit Committee or its equivalent;

b) Risk Committee;

c) A director or general manager, and

d) An internal auditor.

1Cooperatives are people-centered businesses, they are controlled and run by and for their members, they are created in order to respond to common needs and aspirations.



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